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Determination, originality, creativity, speed, vivacity and versatility are just some of the qualities that have made Shefali Oza one of the most recognisable faces of regional broadcasting in the Midlands.

Shefali is now one of the main anchors of the news programme, 'Midlands Today,' but began in television as their first ever weather presenter in 1993 after giving up a career in Law.

In addition to presenting the news, Shefali's reported for the BBC's regional current affairs series, 'Inside Out,' in which she spent four days 'roughing it' with a couple from Birmingham who'd escaped the city for a life of self sufficiency in the Welsh outback. She also covered the aftermath of Birmingham's Tornado. Other contributions are to the leisure production, 'Out and About' as well as network's, 'Countryfile.'

Her wealth of experience in live presentation and reporting reflects her ability to rise to almost any challenge and has earned her credits. Shefali was awarded an Honorary Masters for 'her contirbution to the region through her many broadcasts.' She was also the ' first ever civilian female to have spent a week on a nuclear submarine.'

Outside work, Shefali's hosted various charity events, concerts and corporate videos, two of which have also won awards for the organisations she's represented. However, more recently, she turned her hand to a spot of acting in one of the BBC's 'Afternoon Plays.'

To her, boundaries and stereotypes are there to be broken. All you need is the inclination, ability, courage and opportunity.



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